Why Developers Usually Prefer iOS Development

The instantaneous answer is that majorly speaking, the ROI is usually much higher on iOS apps. Startups/mobile app developers, hustling as they are, tend to focus initially on one platform to build on. And they usually end up building on iOS, but why?

Limited Types Of Devices

iOS development makes designing the UI and UX effortless since there are only a few devices you have to build for, iPhone/iPod and iPad. That’s it. With Android, you end up having to develop for many devices, from many distinct manufacturers, (HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, etc.) not to mention severe OS fragmentation across all of those devices. It makes QA a nightmare in Android, hence the difficulty in getting the UI/UX right. The limit in the type of devices lessens contingencies in the way the device and the way the app is used, which means, higher fidelity in the UX.

Number Of Users

Approx 100+ million iPhones have been sold. That alone speaks volumes about the user engagement and the market that you can jump into. So with more users using fewer types of devices, the iOS ecosystem allows for more viral events to take place, or at least has the numbers to do so.

Ease Of Developing And Designing

iOS development is much more UI/UX friendly with stuff like Interface Builder built into Xcode, and though more restricting, easier frameworks to work with on iOS makes UI easy to handle, so the iOS developer can focus on making the user’s experience a great one. Android, is also nascent, and you kinda have to build from scratch. Though building/designing is more interesting and exciting in Android as there are more possibilities since you get to start from scratch but much more time-intensive.

The Majority Doesn’t Care

In iOS development sometimes, it’s easy to forget how much the end-user doesn’t care about how cool the back end is, or what other cool things it can do. They just care about if it works, the way they think it will, in a simple and intuitive manner. In that sense, the iOS caters very well intuitively to users who aren’t powered users or techies.

The Quality Of App Store

And then it all becomes a snowball effect. The number of apps in the app store and downloads are success stories that speak for themselves.

It is always good to conduct research in advance before you set your foot forward in this mobile app development world. iOS or Android both are identical and have particular pros and cons associated with them. It’s you who has to understand the psychology of the customers and cater to them.