Project Details

Date: On Going

Project Description

Eliminating problems faced by Water vendors:

  1. Creating monthly cards for every new customer
  2. Data loss if a customer misplaces his monthly card
  3. Trouble managing customer contacts
  4. Losing track of empty cans and hence loss of resources
  5. Sales & Accounting Issues

Features :

  1. Seamlessly add new customers and manage contacts at one place
  2. Auto-generate monthly cards for all customer in a single click
  3. Add and manage the quantity of purchase and empty cans digitally, eliminating the issue of card loss.
  4. Generate monthly reports for every customer with a single click.
  5. View daily, monthly and yearly sales in a single click

  • A platform for Water Vendors: Android and Web
  • A platform for admin: Web
  • Client Location: India
  • App Published: Worldwide