Project Details

Client: Bao Y Comandante

Date: March 2018

Project Description

GallerApp is the first easy-to-use application that allows you to control and manage

complete your fighting cocks. Below are some features

  1. Selection of your bird to crossing
  2. Going through the number of eggs incubated
  3. Keeping track of how many of those eggs were born,
  4. The training process of the roosters for combat
  5. Percentages of winning and losing per children by parents and per rooster
  6. Knowing which pairs produce more winning children
  7. Management of their inventories in the macheros, roosters in care
  8. Average of their teams by coliseums and much more.


  • A platform for Customers: Android, iOS and Web app
  • A platform for admin: Web
  • Client Location: Dominic Republic
  • App Published: Dominic Republic