Online Marketing Strategies For Ecommerce

Digital marketing strategies are no different than conventional marketing strategies when it comes to targets and purpose. Both strategies intent to inflate brand awareness and discover more customers for your business.

Online marketing or digital marketing as it is more widely known, has numerous peripherals that cover each aspect of online promotion from content creation to delivery and sales. These ingredients can be fused together and can be used by any type of website or business to get gain traffic and customers online.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the prime online marketing strategy any startup or entrepreneur should be using and it has two major factors. First is SEO (search engine optimization) and second is PSA (Paid Search Advertising). In lay man’s language SEO will help you get more organic visits from search engines for free while PSA can get you visits from search traffic but you will billed for that.

Your aim with SEM is clear: get more visits from search engines either from organic search or through attentively designed and targeted PPC campaigns. To get more visits from search engines you need to ensure that your website is optimized for search.

Things like your page titles, descriptions, web page speed, Google authorship, design and structure, incoming links, content freshness, ALT text for images all add up towards your rankings on search engines.

When you make changes to your website to improve SEO, these changes will not be instantly taken into account by Google or other search engines. You have to be patient and monitor your pages for advancements in their ranking through google webmaster tools (search queries report).

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the basic necessity of every digital marketing campaign. Once you have a good foundation (that is once your website is indexed and searchable) and you have good delivery platform that can cater all your user needs then the next step is to take all actions required to create content that explodes.

Content is what will dreg in loyal visitors, comments, social media shares are most important of all sales. To put it simply, your aim is to create niche content that your readers want to read and try to persuade readers to become customers or execute a call-to-action process (contact us, follow on social media, offer a no-obligation E commerce strategy consultation)

Before even creating content, no matter if it is an article, a video, a table or image, try to think how that significant content will benefit your readers or customers. Don’t just create and publish content for the sake of keeping a publishing schedule or to satisfy your desire to have something to publish.

In the past this technique of publishing mass amounts of content to trick search engines used to work but not anymore. It is more important to have less published pages but with great content rather than lots of published pages with low quality content.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the major online marketing strategies that you can use for free and it’s proven to be one of the most efficient digital marketing strategies in any business. You managed to have in your hands great content so now it’s time to spread the word out and the best way to do that is through a well-designed social media marketing strategy.

The question is: What is your aim with social media marketing? Your social media campaigns should cater two purposes.

First is to gain as many targeted followers as you can so that your content and brand gets as much attention possible and second to get visits from social networks that will eventually convert into consumers.

You need to establish a good presence in all major social networks (Facebook, google+, twitter, Pinterest) by sharing useful related content on a regular basis and by engaging with people interested in your website, products or brand. Here’s an action plan on how to setup your business social media profiles for success.

It’s not an easy process to follow and it is rather time consuming to run campaigns on many networks at the same time but this is how online marketing works for small businesses these days and you have to do it too.

The good news is that social media traffic does convert and if you don’t have the time or knowledge to manage your social media presence, there are Digital Marketing Companies that can do it for you.

Mobile Marketing

First you need to make sure that your website looks good and is usable when viewed through a mobile browser i.e. you need to have a mobile friendly version of your website. Second, you can also offer your users native apps to download (from the itunes store, Google play, amazon store, windows store) and install on their devices.

While the 5 core online marketing strategies for E commerce above are great and can generate fantastic results, you need to come up with creative online marketing strategies for your online store to stay competitive.