Caricature Designing

We all love Caricature Art

Caricatures make an ideal personalized gift to mark a special occasion, it could be a colleague leaving, a friend or family member graduating or for someone’s birthday, they can also be used for your stag or hen night t-shirt design or indeed any other occasion you wish. If requesting a caricature please send a photo with humorous description, and/ or, history of your subject.

Prolific Art

You can use an illustration to promote or advertise almost anything. If you need a funky, cool, colourful, original image and a boring old photograph just won’t do it for you, then a totally unique, bespoke illustration is just what you need! You’re restricted only by your own imagination.

Happiness guaranteed

We totally believe that in every transaction of life, everybody involved should come away feeling satisfied with the ‘deal’. It is extremely important for us that the client (you) are 100% happy with the final artwork. If everyone is happy then creativity flows and a project can be fun and successful.

Lets Start

We’ve been professional illustrators for a decade and absolutely LOVE our job. We plan on continuing our epic journey by expanding the scope of our amazing projects. So, let us just take this opportunity to thank you for your support and cheers to exciting times ahead.

Our Simplistic Designing Process


Discussing the project with the client and asking pertinent questions to establish a clear focus and goal for the project.


Sketching rough ideas and concepts to narrow down the design, colors and elements.


Working out the kinks in the rough ideas with the client, and creating a more refined design concept.


The final design, fully realized, is formatted into a digital file  to be applied to the product itself, by print, transfer or other means.

Some of our work

Stay tuned

Cartoons are timeless and give an instant impact to any business!
We have been creating original vector characters, mascots and logos for countless satisfied clients. We Design illustrations for cartoon mascots, logos, children’s media, educational products, mobile-apps, social games, agencies, publishers… You name it! Your one stop cartoon shop!