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Visually impactful graphics!

We inject our psyche into your brand, blending intelligent positioning with unforgettable creative to maximise the value of your business. With the sole purpose of communicating the meaning. whether it be a message you want to spread, brand, character, product brief or a company ideal.




Illustrations & Backgrounds


Infographics & Banners


Cartoons & Mascots

Cartoons Character Designing

Cartoon character designing is our passion, We only deliver the designs that you crave, until that happens cheers to coffee and insomnia!

Caricatures Designing

We help you capture moments of your life and loved ones with more than just a picture. Our Caricature designs brings life to a mood, an occasion or a gift.

Logo Designing

We specialises in designing unique and memorable logo designs assisting you to communicate the correct messages, attracting the desired target market.

Book Covers & Packaging Design

Let’s be Honest, books with good graphic, eye catching fonts sell more copies. Our Job is to make sure that your ebook cover Stand out, we’re not satisfied with your cover until you are.

Flyers & Posters

We cater for both web and print based designs. We can assist you promote your product or service, as a hand out, public display or mail shot, etc. Designed in any size as required.

Business Cards Designing

We don’t believe in templates. Instead we believe that the development of the artwork should be a collaborative, creative process that’s given the time and attention it deserves.

Web Designing

We providing high quality PSD web layout designs, Whether you need a complete new look or revamp of an existing design.

Mobile App UI Designing

Our motto is clean, clutter free and we use color over gradients and texture. Producing designs that are made to be responsive and flexible.

Presentations & Infographics Designing

We can assist you transform your complex ideas into compelling visual content. With us your idea can make a emotional connect, cause reaction and even inspire!

Our Simplistic Designing Process


Discussing the project with the client and asking pertinent questions to establish a clear focus and goal for the project.


Sketching rough ideas and concepts to narrow down the design, colors and elements.


Working out the kinks in the rough ideas with the client, and creating a more refined design concept.


The final design, fully realized, is formatted into a digital file  to be applied to the product itself, by print, transfer or other means.

We have got the suave

Honed over the course of 10 years, we have learned and evolved. Lets collaborate our skills and experience with your concept, Just fill in all the required information and send.

Stay tuned

Cartoons are timeless and give an instant impact to any business!
We have been creating original vector characters, mascots and logos for countless satisfied clients. We Design illustrations for cartoon mascots, logos, children’s media, educational products, mobile-apps, social games, agencies, publishers… You name it! Your one stop cartoon shop!