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The genetics of caricature designing

Silly or serious, caricature designing is an art of emotions. The most important factor is to understand the anatomy of the character. Be it a comic book, a wedding card or a movie poster, humour is of prime importance. Let start with the fundamentals

Caricature designing focused on Anatomy

Illustrating a cartoon or a more realistic character, a good understanding of anatomy is very essential. In order to achieve the most out of what you endure. Not necessary you need to know all the name (A big thumbs up if you know below is a caricature of Allen Iverson, check out our designing portfolio for more)

It is very important to understand the shapes of the various muscles from different angles, facial attributes. How they connect to each other, and how they act in varied poses and actions.

Similarly breaking a figure into its shapes and creating it up from there is an amazing process to grasp basic details, specifically while recreating the same character from a different angle.