Enterprise Application Development Trends 2017

From ecommerce to m-commerce, web apps to mobile apps, desktop to laptops, mobile to tablets and many more we can feel that enterprise application development is rapidly growing and conquering its position in the IT-market.

It’s now the age of mobile, and in this ever changing  environment, it’s nothing not surprising to say that our lives are interwoven deeply in the maze of mobile and web applications. Today we will be discussing about the importance of employing enterprise application development and what it has in store for the future. Let us see the world of mobile application development and enterprise application development.

Cross Platform Or Native App

It’s always advisable and recommended to move ahead with native app development but in recent times the usage of the cross-platform tool had a hike of almost 30% over the last six-months and still raising. This year is of the enterprise apps rather than consumer’s app. Xamarin, Phonegap, Snecha and Accelerator are some stable cross platform development frameworks.

Wearable Devices

In 2014, wearable devices were close second with a 35% mindshare. Now these devices are speculated to reach its summit in terms of their productivity and efficiency. It’s now getting into the new trends when we will see that with the revolutions of wearable devices, mobile application developer will shift their eye from smart phone development to wearable applications for businesses.

App Store Optimization

Despite of any mobile application development, App Store Optimization will still remain to be an essential factor in making an app successful. In future, marketers will be concentrating more on ASO technique and the organic users.

Mobile Ecommerce And Mobile Payment

Mobile ecommerce is currently concentrating on engagement rather than on market shares. This paradox unites the user which use their mobile to access internet and actively participate in conducting the online commercial transaction.

Payments through mobile apps has become much simpler safer and swifter with the introduction of Apple pay and Google Wallet. The mode of financial transaction has taken place across the digital world.

Enterprise application development is a pressing issue and it’s importance and significance is been recognized by numerous businesses. Which makes it a trending issue for all the businesses across the globe.