Content Marketing Trends That You Should Follow In 2016

By now, many businesses and digital marketers may have already realized that content marketing is not just some fad that you should do – just because everyone else is doing it – but rather a very critical strategic asset that will boost profitable results across all digital marketing channels.

Use Of More Paid Placements

Native ads are better in generating higher engagement and as much as 82% in brand lift increase. On top of that, purchase intent can jump up to 53% higher when native advertising is used.

Use Of More Professional Writers

Presently, many businesses have employed product managers creating their own content which keeps them away from performing their core duties in the business. With an editorial team, they can focus on creating top-notch content used for content marketing that are fully optimized for better placements and engagement strategies.

Focus On Distribution

Exceptionally, previous research indicates that only 26% of digital marketers are actually focusing and investing in distribution.

Boom In Social Media Marketing

Social media is doubtlessly not considered a mere fad at this point but as a very crucial distribution channel. 94% of marketers agree to its importance and in 2015 expect to see more businesses including social media in their content marketing strategy.

Rise In Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is really big and integrating this in your content marketing mix will make your campaigns go boom with positive results.

Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling will definitely hike the chances of your content to stand out from the rest of the mundane contents and get the attention it deserves from targeted audiences.