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Enterprise Application Development Trends 2017

Enterprise Application Development Trends 2017 From ecommerce to m-commerce, web apps to mobile apps, desktop to laptops, mobile to tablets and many more we can feel that enterprise application development is rapidly growing and conquering its position in the IT-market. It’s now the age of mobile, and in this ever changing  environment, it’s nothing not surprising to say that our lives are interwoven deeply in the maze of mobile and web applications. Today we will be discussing about the importance of employing

The Benefits Of The Enterprise Mobility

The Benefits Of The Enterprise Mobility Enterprise mobility is potentially powerful for front-line workers, it enables the characteristics of the device to be utilized in varied situations, usually in the context of an employee’s normal activities. For an instance, a manufacturing sector worker can access product information in real time to help customers, or report an issue with a piece of machinery at the point of scrutiny. Many of these elements allows availability, Security and portability to the application in real time, including

3 Ecom Trends You Need To Know

3 Ecom Trends You Need To Know Since, past few years we have witnessed that Mobile industry and Mobile Apps are gradually overtaking the traditional Websites and capturing the territory by tapping the consumers in a very personalized and a tailored way. So, here is a report which illustrates actually how much of the market share has Mobile swallowed from the traditional Websites. One third of ecommerce sales are on mobile One of the major discovery was that in 2014, ⅓ of ecommerce orders

Pros & Cons: Cross-platform​ Apps

Pros & Cons: Cross-platform Apps The primary goal of an application is to gain as many customers as possible & deliver highest quality commitment. Businesses today seeking to extract enormous fan bases target at least iOS and Android. It also depends on the nature of the application. For a communication app, for example, you would want to create a solution that is flexible on various platforms so people can use it on the go, wherever they go, however they go. There are

Key To Mobile Application Development Success

Key To Mobile Application Development Success Entrepreneurs running online businesses today should sincerely consider mobile app development for their business and for their customers. As we know more and more user are inclined towards mobile these days, developing a mobile app for your online business will never be a bad bet. And if there is any good time to do it, it is now. You could consider developing a responsive website for mobile, but a responsive website won’t function as optimally as a