Important Elements Of ECommerce Website Development

If you strategize to sell anything online, having an E commerce platform is as important as your original business plan. The first step in writing an e-business architecture is to decide what kind of experience you want your online customers to have. Think not only about today but also two and five years down the line. Your E commerce strategy starts with your website aims. Who are your target customers? What do they need? Are they getting information only, or can they

Tips for Ecommerce Success With Mobile Checkout Optimization

When running a race, you never slow until you cross the finishing line. The same notion goes for mobile optimization. You don’t optimize an entire customer journey just to get lazy when you are about to cross the finishing line; or, in this case, the checkout. The checkout fragment of your customer journey must be optimized so that the user finds it effortless to navigate, and complete. If your mobile user finds the checkout too tough to accomplish on their small

Best eCommerce Platform For SEO

Why is SEO imperative for Ecommerce? Well, 44% of every online buying starts with an online search (IPSOS 2012). Determining that your products and services can be discovered effortlessly on search engines such as Google can be the characteristic between an ecommerce business that fails or succeeds. Colossal part of effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is to ensure that the pages of your site appear as relevant as possible to a search engine for the search terms (keywords) that your