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The genetics of caricature designing

Silly or serious, caricature designing is an art of emotions. The most important factor is to understand the anatomy of the character. Be it a comic book, a wedding card or a movie poster, humour is of prime importance. Let start with the fundamentals Caricature designing focused on Anatomy Illustrating a cartoon or a more realistic character, a good understanding of anatomy is very essential. In order to achieve the most out of what you endure. Not necessary you need

Caricature Art : Things you know should

Caricature is one of the oldest and most popular forms of drawing, usually executed as pen or pencil sketches. For long, it has been a powerful tool for political sarcasm and comic representation of some current issues. These works mostly exist around a cartooned version of one or more characters, often placed in an animated adaptation of real world objects. However, a visible comical twist is added by highlighting some idiosyncrasies in the characters’ personality. This often appears as daunting