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Pros & Cons: Cross-platform​ Apps

Pros & Cons: Cross-platform Apps The primary goal of an application is to gain as many customers as possible & deliver highest quality commitment. Businesses today seeking to extract enormous fan bases target at least iOS and Android. It also depends on the nature of the application. For a communication app, for example, you would want to create a solution that is flexible on various platforms so people can use it on the go, wherever they go, however they go. There are

Critical Reasons For Enterprise Application Development

Critical Reasons For Enterprise Application Development Enterprise apps are changing how a business operates.  They increase employee productivity, leverage big data, and help optimize business process efficiency. Because of these problems faced by businesses earlier, businesses recognized the need for enterprise application development which would help them solve their problems. Enterprise Apps are Fueling Business Processes Enterprise application development or enterprise mobility is a “must-have” for any competitive business. According to a recent survey, 79% of surveyed organizations increase their mobile spending by

Key To Mobile App Development Success

Key To Mobile App Development Success Entrepreneurs running online businesses today should sincerely consider mobile app development for their business and for their customers. As we know more and more user are inclined towards mobile these days, developing a mobile app for your online business will never be a bad bet. And if there is any good time to do it, it is now. You could consider developing a responsive website for mobile, but a responsive website won’t function as optimally as a

Why Developers Usually Prefer iOS Development

Why Developers Usually Prefer iOS Development The instantaneous answer is that majorly speaking, the ROI is usually much higher on iOS apps. Startups/mobile app developers, hustling as they are, tend to focus initially on one platform to build on. And they usually end up building on iOS, but why? Limited Types Of Devices iOS development makes designing the UI and UX effortless since there are only a few devices you have to build for, iPhone/iPod and iPad. That’s it. With Android, you end up

Mobile Application Development Current Trends

Mobile Application Development Current Trends Mobile app development has been at the center stage of technology innovation since the past few years and has supported colossal advancement in terms of user adoption and market penetration. Growth in mobile application development has played a decisive role in supporting digital marketing and enterprise mobility. Organizations today are gearing up by developing applications for various mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Large organizations in various sectors like finance, manufacturing, retail etc. are heading

Advantages And Disadvantage Of Phonegap App Development

When it comes to developing an app it’s always a debatable topic as which platform should we opt for developing the app. Native apps are awesome as we all know that we can do wonders with it, as it enables the app to use all the functionally that a smartphone has to offer. But what if you want to cover all the major platforms like Android, iOS and Windows at the same time. What’s the way out? Is the question. Phonegap

Mobile App Development Trends That You Need To Follow In 2017

Mobile App Development Trends That You Need To Follow In 2017 Mobile app development is increasing its momentum and the mobile app development trend has started to progress from smartphones and tablets to wearable devices and Internet of Things (IoT). The scope of mobile app development has also shifted its focus from improving personal user experience to furnishing solutions for large-scale enterprises and businesses. The role of advanced mobile applications is to contribute towards elevating the various business aspects of several sectors,

Jumpstart Your Mobile Application Development

Jumpstart Your Mobile Application Development When mobile apps is initially being developed, it’s like a colossal puzzle made up of a number of pieces of complicated, occasionally contradictory, information. First what we need to do is start architecturing these puzzle parts in an importance value at the very initiation of the mobile app development process. This allows us to unite a number of complicated, cross-discipline efforts before design and development begins so teams can strike the ground running with an apparent vision

How Mobile Application Development Will Change Businesses

How Mobile Application Development Will Change Businesses While desktops will likely remain the prime method of Internet use for most users, there’s no doubt that mobile application development is a big player too. For businesses, this means some serious amendments as more employees than ever jump from being tied to a desktop or laptop to connecting to files from any location. This not only enables employees to connect to presentations and documents from anywhere, but it also opens up new concerns for

Planning Successful Strategy For Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development has changed businesses forever. It has increased the types of devices (phones, tablets, wearables) and the amount of devices that connect to a company’s enterprise resources. There are over 6 billion mobile phone subscribers globally  and the rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT) promises to connect tens of billions of devices to the Internet within several years. Flexible Platforms Encourage Scalable Mobile Application Development Once a company moves beyond developing five to ten mobile apps, it searches for software