ASO: How To Get More App Downloads

The world is not what it was even five years ago… We have emerging technology, new trends, new acronyms to remember. One of them being ASO.

App Titles

Having your main keyword in your app’s title can seriously boost your app’s searchability. Changing your title often can impact your app’s search performance negatively, so try and get the title right the first time. This will also help for word of mouth promotion, one of the most famous methods of app discovery, as renaming your app will not benefit those users who have heard about the app through word of mouth.

Think of the app title the same way that you think about a web page title for search engine optimization. App title character limit for Apple App Store grants up to 255 characters, but that doesn’t mean that you should make use of all 255 characters! In fact, the suggested length for app titles is up to 25 characters for Apple App Store. For Google Play Store, you are limited to 30 characters when naming your app. But, also take into consideration that depending on the device’s screen size, the title may be cut short which could discourage some users from clicking through due to the unattractively “spammy” look.

App Description

With Google Play Store, you can write a Short Description limited to 80 characters. This will be the initial description of your app that the user will see, and so the Short Description must really be written with your target audience in mind. You can use your keywords naturally in this space but really you should be using this space to sell your app; not to spam your keywords. Beneath your Short Description, there’s a Read More which will expand to show the Full Description…

Both Google Play Store and Apple App Store permit you up to 4000 characters in total to play around with, but only Google Play Store will index the app’s Full Description for search. This means that you should make use of the 4000 character limit in Google Play Store to write content optimised for app store search. However, since Apple does not index the full app description, optimising the content for search discovery is less important. Instead, you can use the app description to list features, reasons why your app deserves to be downloaded, and reviews from external high-authority expert.

How To Get More App Downloads

  • Reach out to app review blogs and YouTube channels, asking them to review your app to their audience. There are absolutely loads of these blogs and YouTube channels out there.
  • Provide links to your app store pages from your email signature templates.
  • Actively use Google+ to get your app more +1s in the Google Play Store. Apps with lots of +1s are going to make the app look more popular. Include screenshots and a YouTube video of your app in action. Users are more willing to download an app when they have an idea of what to expect.
  • Get good reviews and ratings in the app store. Even if your app is ranking based on ASO alone, if your app is haunted with negative review then people will be less likely to download it.
  • Have an icon that pops! Something that’s memorable and eye-catching, something that will draw the explorers to click on it, despite it ranking below those other two…. Not only this, but if someone is searching for your app after having seen it elsewhere, your icon needs to be immediately recognisable so that they don’t end up clicking on another similar app out of confusion.

ASO is still a new area for many marketers, but one that you will have to familiarise yourself with more and more as smartphone penetration increases…