Are You Employing An Appropriate Digital Marketing Strategy

Over the last few years digital marketing has undergone a substantial transformation, becoming an progressively critical medium for creating an online brand experience.

Just like any field that relies on communication technologies, online marketing is rapidly emerging. What’s in store for digital marketers in the upcoming year?

Read on to find out what are the major online marketing trends and predictions for 2015.

Augmented Reality And Wearable Technology

Bridging the gap between the online and offline experience will be a big step not only for digital marketing strategy, but for Internet in general. One of the first possible technological applications meant to combine online and offline are micro-location technologies, in particular Apple’s iBeacon.

But that’s not all. Wearable technology will become famous enough for us to see some of the first marketing application of the technology. The Internet of things will create a completely new kind of environment and digital marketers will have to keep up with its rapid evolvement in order to stay in touch with the changing needs of customers.

Marketing Analytics

Digital marketing agencies already use numerous analytics tools in order to see how customers interact with company’s products or services. The gravity of this section of marketing will rise, when spending for that purpose are expected to rise by 60%.

Furthermore, we’ll see marketing automation technologies applied more and more often – their use is estimated to increase by 50%. In short, marketing data will become a critical point in any digital marketing strategy and its acquisition will be easier and faster. Customers will generate a vast amount of detailed information and companies are expected to use specialized software to help them in making sense of the data at hand.

More Videos

Over the last few years, the adoption of videos for digital marketing strategy has been steadily growing. Videos are perfect to showcase how a service or product works in such a way that is impossible to achieve with text or images only. This trends are most likely to continue, when more and more companies will start creating the so-called ‘explainer videos’ and offering them a prominent role in the user experience tactics.

Increase In Online Ads

The web is a place, where people spend their time during work and free time, giving digital marketers and digital marketing agencies a wealth of great opportunities for targeting, segmentation and tracking options that are simply unavailable in traditional offline advertisements.

Mobile All The Way

The importance of mobile will grow in each and every facet of business, online marketing included. People use mobile devices all day long and in various contexts, allowing marketers to target them in a longer stretch of time and during different phases of the day – at work, during rest or play.

In order to stay effective, Digital marketing strategies should immediately respond to the preferences and behaviors of their targeted audiences and follow consumers in their daily use of the web. Considering those trends, there’s no doubt about one thing – marketers will find next few years inspiring deep changes in the ways in which consumers interact with online environments.