3 Ecom Trends You Need To Know

Since, past few years we have witnessed that Mobile industry and Mobile Apps are gradually overtaking the traditional Websites and capturing the territory by tapping the consumers in a very personalized and a tailored way. So, here is a report which illustrates actually how much of the market share has Mobile swallowed from the traditional Websites.

One third of ecommerce sales are on mobile

One of the major discovery was that in 2014, ⅓ of ecommerce orders were coming from Mobile devices rather than a computer or a laptop. This is up from 23% the year prior, and just 12% when surveyors initiated tracking this back in 2012.

That signifies that in only 2 years, mobile’s donation to total sales has escalated by 175%.

This by itself is monumental, but coupled with findings from earlier this year that found mobile ecommerce traffic overtaking computers for the first time in history (and increasing since then), and you can see that concentrating on the mobile experience is becoming challenging to ignore.

Social discovery is on rise

The inflation in mobile phone traffic to online stores is partly being fuelled by another trend: the rise of social-fuelled product exploration and effective social ad targeting.

For illustration, recently it was discovered that while Facebook accounted for less than 5% of traffic to ecommerce sites on desktop, that number jumps to 7% when looking at mobile phones. In comparison, search based traffic from Google demonstrates 18% of traffic from computers, but just 12% on mobile phones.

This data seems to demonstrate that computers are being used to search for more commodity-type goods, while social media and mobile are used for more spontaneous, discovery-based buyings and those purchases are on hike.

In 2014 ecommerce orders coming from social media flourished a an astonishing 202%.

While much of the Facebook traffic may also be coming from paid ads, it also showcases how Facebook is advancing as an advertising platform and how our ad savvy store owners have been able to capitalize on the new advertising products Facebook has created.

But Facebook is not the only podium driving results for merchants. In fact, prior this year it was accounted that certain industries were actually collecting a significant amount of orders from secondary platforms.

It is expect social commerce to continue to be an important trend in 2015 for both online and offline retail.

Always on shopping is now a reality

People are now shopping wherever and whenever is comfortable for them. This could be on a desktop at work, on a phone while commuting, or in bed while on Facebook. This highlights how important it is for merchants to provide a flexible buying experience that adapts to their customers buying habits.

While you should always use your own data as the basis for decision making, you might find it useful to see how your analytics stack up against these analytics.