What Is App Store Optimization And Why Is It Important

With over 2 million mobile application in the major app stores, getting your app identified is one of the biggest issues faced by mobile app publishers today. If you’re in the mobile app space, it’s crucial to recognize the numerous methods for marketing your app. We’d like to share with you one very critical technique that continues to be overlooked by most – app store optimization (or ASO for short).

What Is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store’s search results. The higher your app ranks in an app store’s search results, the more visible it is to your target audience. That increased visibility influences to translate into more traffic to your app’s page in the app store.

The aim of App Store Optimization is to drive more traffic to your app’s page in the app store, so searchers can take a specific action: downloading your app.

Also, the App Store Optimization process requires a critical understanding of your target audience base, comprising the keywords your target audience is using to find apps similar to yours. When you understand more about which keywords are being used, you will have a better understanding of the language of your potential customers – a critical piece of any marketing plan – and you can hone in on your keyword choices.

Why Is App Store Optimization Important?

According to the survey 63% of apps are discovered through app store searches. This makes search, in the app store, the dominant method of exploring and downloading new apps. If you’re not using app store optimization to boost your app’s search ranking, you’re missing out on the largest discovery channel available to your app.

With millions of apps in each app store striving to rank above one another, the amazing reality is that the majority of publishers are not devoted to app store optimization. So here’s our gift to you: app store optimization is your secret weapon. Spend time every week improving your app store optimization, and you will consciously impact your app’s ranking and overall success.

Catalysts Of App Store Optimization

To recap, let’s look at the app store optimization factors and the mechanism you can use to improve in those areas.

  • Title – Including a keyword in your title can boost your app’s search ranking for that keyword by an average of 10.3%. As a best practice, you want to place your most relevant keyword, regardless of the keyword complexity, in the title.
  • Keywords – Constantly following your own keywords and the movement of your competitors takes time and effort. In order to have the time to focus on your app and not solely on app store optimization, you can always approach a app store optimization company who can do it for you.
  • Total Downloads – Now that it’s been proven with data, what can you do to get more downloads for your app? Improving your app store optimization is a great place to start. Beyond that, it is about marketing your brand and app to improve recognition, awareness, and appeal, from app store description to images, ratings/reviews, and social media presence.
  • Reviews And Ratings – Now as we know, apps with higher ratings also rank higher. So, now you need a way to connect with your customers inside your app, giving them a place to talk directly to the developer. On the flip side, you want to guide happy customers to leave positive reviews for you.

To reap the rewards of app store optimization, you need to infuse time and effort. If you do, you’ll have a consistent channel driving traffic to your app. Being found is one of the most difficult challenges for mobile apps, but it is a battle which you can win.