Social Bookmarking for SEO

social bookmarking websites allow users to submit links to web pages that they find relevant, usually by category or tag. These links do a number of things for your website, including help to build traffic,

as well as act as an inbound link which will help with the optimization of your website for search engines (SEO).

Social Bookmarking communities are very good about self-moderation. If you are pushing out a bunch of irrelevant content, odds are your link will get deleted and your profile may be banned from posting. However, these websites have a ton of traffic coming to them, and if the content is truly relevant, odds are it will get up-voted, shared, re-pinned, etc. This will bring a significant number of relevant users to your website, which could convert into a sale, or whatever your end goal may be.

Your Social Bookmarking Strategy for Success

Quality beats quantity: Instead of constantly posting content and hoping for one story to catch on, it’s best to limit posts strictly to content of the highest quality. Not only will it improve your credibility amongst Social Bookmarking users, it’s more efficient time management and will often lead to more popular content.

If it’s not relevant, it’s not important: Similar to only sharing quality content, it’s just as important to make sure the content is relevant to the readers. Pay attention to what’s trending, what topics are being shared and discussed, and strike when the iron’s hot.

Know the ins and outs: The means in which you deliver content is also very important. Proper use of tags, descriptions, and relevant titles will more accurately promote your content to the right target, resulting in greater page views.

Post pages, not domains: Again, this plays into relevancy. By delivering readers to a specific page rather than just a domain, you keep control over keywords and point readers to the real reason why you’re posting: to share relevant, quality content. Also, don’t forget to add titles to your webpages.

The internet wasn’t built in a day: Mastering Social Bookmarking has to be a long-term goal. Not every post will be a success, regardless of relevancy, quality, or detailed tagging. However, it’s important to have a long-term strategy, stick with the process, and assess your progress on a regular basis. Don’t be afraid to tinker.

Dofollow Social bookmarking sites what is it?

There are two types of backlinks dofollow and nofollow, Dofollow backlinks passes the link juice to the pointing webpage or post and helps in search engine optimization whereas nofollow backlinks does not pass any link juice to the pointing webpage or post So dofollow social bookmarking sites will be very beneficial in passing the link juice to your blog posts and pages.

High PR Social bookmarking sites ?

High pr social bookmarking sites are also very important similar as dofollow social bookmarking sites but not that much if it’s nofollow but it still help to gain good rankings in search engines and some of the newbie bloggers always complain that their blog posts are not indexed quickly by Google so by submitting your posts or pages to these high PR social bookmarking sites will increase your blog indexing as well as crawling rate.

Besides this, you can advertise online to generate more votes. Apart from this, you can make your content interesting and unique to augment your chances of social bookmarking. This can be done by adding videos, images and links. To conclude, in social bookmarking, the huge social network you have, the brighter are the chances of success.