Key To Mobile App Development Success

Entrepreneurs running online businesses today should sincerely consider mobile app development for their business and for their customers.

As we know more and more user are inclined towards mobile these days, developing a mobile app for your online business will never be a bad bet. And if there is any good time to do it, it is now.

You could consider developing a responsive website for mobile, but a responsive website won’t function as optimally as a native app.

So, how do you develop an optimal mobile app for your business that aids mobile user experience, let’s check it out?

Develop A Great Product

The best apps only do one single thing, but they do it very, very optimally. It’s crucial that the app is original, native, has better functions to offer than another app, solves a problem or entertains. It must be well designed, both in terms of visuals and the user experience (UX). If the app is good and solves a problem, everything that follows will be a piece of cake.


Consolidate some viral function into the core functionality of the app, so each user that enjoys the app can potentially appeal to a network of new users. It means the app is better or more engaging when users invite friends to use it. Consider Instagram and WhatsApp: Both apps are only fun if users can get their friends to use them and at the same time it solves the traditional problem of texting which could only be done using SMS service.


Ensure you have a dedicated budget for app marketing. It’s important to engage the first batch of users to test metrics and understand the real value of each user before continuing with more systematic campaigns, which help you and your customers interact with each other freely.

Make It Free

For potential app users, there is a colossal difference between Rs. 0.00 and Rs. 10.00. You can monetize your app with in-app purchases, but to exponentially increase the odds of someone installing your app, just use the magic word: Free.

mobile app development isn’t easy, but it is key to construct a viable online business across all platforms. We at Vajrakaya understand the importance of technology in today’s world and also its influence on your business. We strive hard and our prime goal is to deliver solutions best suited to your business.