Whether you’re newbie into online marketing for the first time or have dabbled here and there, a high impact digital marketing plan can have a positive effect on your bottom line ROI. Depending on your expected ROI, your digital marketing plan must begin with the end target and work its way up.


The Content Strategy

A content strategy comes with strategizing and involves an editorial calendar, a social plan, engagement efforts, optimization, measuring conversions and more. If you want to ensure that your content gets noticed by your target audience , then a content strategy is your best bet. You need to understand who you’re addressing and what you intend to attain. Every marketing effort has to be calculated. It is an important facet of any successful digital marketing plan.

Implement SEO

In keeping with content, a solid digital marketing plan incorporates SEO and ensures that your content is not only reader friendly, but also search engine friendly as well. If Google can’t find your message, you can bet that no one else will, either.

Use Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing, however, works quite well, although it is more about earning people’s interest rather than buying it. It’s much better to be the first organic result on Google rather than one of the paid results. The former is not always easy to attain, but with the right plan of action, it is certainly achievable.

Develop A Solid Landing Page

Optimization is not only for content; it’s critical that you optimize your website as well. Your landing pages need to be user-friendly and straightforward. This is where your unique selling proposal, a video or slideshow of images comes in play.

Plan For Social Media

Usually, businesses think that social media requires nothing more than merely a few posts on the numerous social media networks and nothing else, but there is a lot more to being present on social networks. Did you know that 42% of customers who complain to businesses on social media expect a 60-minute response time? Why? Because they usually get a response in that time. You need to ensure you’re present and available to answer every time .

Use Analytics

All of your digital marketing efforts would be useless if you didn’t measure them. You need to understand what worked and what didn’t, and you need to leverage the numbers for your next digital marketing campaign. By constantly measuring the results, you can figure out where your audience is and how to leverage your communication efforts.