Guide to White hat link Building

Building great inbound links through link-building is a valuable white hat SEO tactic, used to make your website a more credible source by directing traffic to it from other sources.

Link building (a big part of ‘off page seo’) is, if you follow industry news, a dirty phrase to be used and for some, is a tactic to be avoided, largely because Google has, very equated linkbuilding with spam, and the industry news machine is basically fuelled by Google saying or doing something. Not all link building is web spam and in fact building links is still an incredibly important aspect of search engine optimisation.

Linkbaiting -White Hat

Linkbaiting is the process of providing quality content that encourages links to it. This could be from reviews, blogs or other websites.

  • Get influencers involved.
  • Make it easy to understand.
  • Give away free stuff.
  • People love lists.
  • Choose a highly desired topic.
  • People like personalized content.
  • Establish it as the go-to resource.
  • Make it visually appealing.
  • Segment large lists to make them readable.
  • Use social share buttons.
  • Search engines like link-baiting because it provides natural links that add value for visitors.

Link Building Strategies to Keep

Leveraging Existing Relationships

The best and easiest way to build links is to take advantage of the relationships you have. For example, if you have a list of partners and believe that they would be willing to link to your website, then that is a great opportunity and you should pursue. The following are specific relationships you can leverage:

  • Vendors
  • Partners
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Community Organizations
  • Tradeshows and Conferences
  • Brand Mentions

Small Scale Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging, despite what others may think, is still a legitimate form of link building. It is important that you do not focus all of you link building efforts on this type of link building. Additionally, it is very important that you are creating quality content and not just pumping out posts that have been done before. If you want to do guest blogging right, follow the guidelines below:

  • The site must have high authority. One way to check this is to look into the website’s backlink profile to make sure they have ethical standards and they are not at risk for a penalty.
  • Who is their audience? Make sure they are relevant to your industry and that you will be reaching your client’s.
  • Use a balance of anchor text. The anchor text should be mostly long-tail, the brand name, or the URL.
  • Is it a reputable source?
  • Make sure they have a followership to see their popularity.

While building backlinks to your website, make sure you executing white hat strategies. Additionally, when you are link building make sure you are doing it more than one way.