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Why Content Marketing Is Important

Content marketing is a great way to interact with consumers and to furnish them with expert knowledge to help them during their buying process of any product or service. In 2016, content marketing is anticipated to be the most commercially important digital marketing trend. We have defined a couple of reasons why content marketing is so famous amongst digital marketing experts and digital marketing company and how it has shown to help businesses and consumers alike. Selling Knowledge And Expertise With content marketing,

Content Marketing Trends That You Should Follow In 2016

By now, many businesses and digital marketers may have already realized that content marketing is not just some fad that you should do – just because everyone else is doing it – but rather a very critical strategic asset that will boost profitable results across all digital marketing channels. Use Of More Paid Placements Native ads are better in generating higher engagement and as much as 82% in brand lift increase. On top of that, purchase intent can jump up to 53%

How To Plan A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

Whether you’re newbie into online marketing for the first time or have dabbled here and there, a high impact digital marketing plan can have a positive effect on your bottom line ROI. Depending on your expected ROI, your digital marketing plan must begin with the end target and work its way up. The Content Strategy A content strategy comes with strategizing and involves an editorial calendar, a social plan, engagement efforts, optimization, measuring conversions and more. If you want to ensure that

Why Developers Usually Prefer iOS Development

The instantaneous answer is that majorly speaking, the ROI is usually much higher on iOS apps. Startups/mobile app developers, hustling as they are, tend to focus initially on one platform to build on. And they usually end up building on iOS, but why? Limited Types Of Devices iOS development makes designing the UI and UX effortless ,since there are only a few of devices you have to build for, iPhone/iPod and iPad. That’s it. With Android, you end up having to develop for

Mobile Application Development Current Trends

Mobile app development has been at the center stage of technology innovation since the past few years and has supported colossal advancement in terms of user adoption and market penetration. Growth in mobile application development has played a decisive role in supporting digital marketing and enterprise mobility. Organizations today are gearing up by developing applications for various mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Large organizations in various sectors like finance, manufacturing, retail etc. are heading towards workforce mobility in

Advantages And Disadvantage Of Phonegap App Development

When it comes to developing an app it’s always a debatable topic as which platform should we opt for developing the app. Native apps are awesome as we all know that we can do wonders with it, as it enables the app to use all the functionally that a smartphone has to offer. But what if you want to cover all the major platforms like Android, iOS and Windows at the same time. What’s the way out? Is the question. Phonegap

Essentials Of App Store Optimization

App store optimization (ASO) is your best bet to gain low-cost app exposure, resulting in increased app downloads, a higher number of quality users, and increased revenue. To explain briefly and concisely: ASO is the process of increasing the visibility of a mobile app in an app store through various tactics. Choosing The Right Visuals Visuals do not precisely influence the ranking algorithms but they do play a major role in branding and giving users an insight of your app. This is

Mobile App Development Trends That You Need To Follow In 2017

Mobile app development is increasing its momentum and the mobile app development trend has started to progress from smartphones and tablets to wearable devices and Internet of Things (IoT). The scope of mobile app development has also shifted its focus from improving personal user experience to furnishing solutions for large-scale enterprises and businesses. The role of advanced mobile applications is to contribute towards elevating the various business aspects of several sectors, such as advertising, marketing, government, E commerce, banking, healthcare and

Jumpstart Your Mobile Application Development

When mobile apps is initially being developed, it’s like a colossal puzzle made up of a number of pieces of complicated, occasionally contradictory, information. First what we need to do is start architecturing these puzzle parts in an importance value at the very initiation of the mobile app development process. This allows us to unite a number of complicated, cross-discipline efforts before design and development begins so teams can strike the ground running with an apparent vision of the app in

How Mobile Application Development Will Change Businesses

While desktops will likely remain the prime method of Internet use for most users, there’s no doubt that mobile application development is a big player too. For businesses, this means some serious amendments as more employees than ever jump from being tied to a desktop or laptop to connecting to files from any location. This not only enables employees to connect to presentations and documents from anywhere, but it also opens up new concerns for the businesses engrossed in protecting data. Constantly